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How much do you value the health of your back?
Little?  A lot?  Not at all?

It's your decision.

Have you noticed that your seat is the single element in your work environment that comes into direct and constant contact with your own body? So if ergonomic design may be important in your workspace in general, just consider its added importance when it comes to your office chair.

Chair ergonomics have been a primary subject of research and development at Van de Lente because of their effect in workplace health and well being.

Just sit in a Van de Lente office chair, adjust it to your body built, and you will immediately notice the comfort it provides and how different it feels to what you have been experiencing up to now. You will realise the ease by which you can adjust it exactly to your body configuration and working posture, whether you are tall or short, and how well it embraces and supports your back by its anatomic form. Thankfully, your chair parts may be fine-tuned to your body configuration and not vice versa, as is the case with many other chair designs. So that you may sit comfortably and enjoy working as long as you please without fatigue.

All this does not come by chance. Your chair, as is the case with every Van de Lente chair, is equipped with an advanced VDL SynchroErgonomic mechanism which provides the possibility of multiple adjustments. Seat inclination, backrest inclination, backrest height and seat height are all easily adjustable in a continuous way, independent of each other, for the perfect fit.

Even though the technology is advanced, adjusting the chair is a breeze. Levers are operated intuitively while backrest height adjustment is done automatically, without the need of any lever, thanks to the patented VDL Auto-Up-Down system.

You will not fail to notice the way your chair is built: sturdy and reliable. Which guarantees its longevity under heavy commercial use. We take great pride in the manufacturing approach of our company, which allows for no compromises in matters of quality. Our products are built for the long run.

Van de Lente office chairs are built to be used by everyday people at their workplace. Without much thought. Our technology is designed to serve people, and not vice versa.

Our goal is that your chair will prove to be a classically beautiful item, devoid of design exaggerations, that will provide you with many years of comfort and reliable service.

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